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What is Face to Face?

Face to Face is a program developed by The Upper Room's Emmaus Ministries. In early 2014, The Upper Room began to ask several Walk to Emmaus Communities across the United States to provide the initial offerings of this program. Because of the stability and vitality of our Community, the New-Ark Area Emmaus Community was recommended and subsequently asked to be one of the first to provide an experience of this program offering in 2015.

An adaptation of The Walk to Emmaus, Face to Face is specifically crafted to meet the needs and life-stages of older adults and those who are unable to participate in a live-in type experience. The program seeks to invite men and women, typically ages 60 and older, to experience Jesus through an 8-session journey, covering subjects such as discipleship, mission, grief, and end-of-life issues.

A Face to Face Encounter features 14 talks given by clergy and lay persons, in-depth table discussions, and very special times of worship and Holy Communion. However, unlike the Walk to Emmaus, an 'Encounter' occurs in multiple sessions over potentially several weeks' time, and does not require that the participants stay overnight.

What happens after a Face to Face Encounter?

One of the primary strengths of all Emmaus Ministries (Face to Face, Walk to Emmaus, etc.) is the follow-up. Your 'Encounter' lasts only 8 sessions, but you are invited to build on it for the rest of your life. Those who attend a Face to Face Encounter are encouraged to do two things following their experience:

  1. continue their spiritual growth through study, worship and action; and
  2. become more active disciples of Christ in the world through their churches.

To support these endeavors, all Emmaus Ministries offer these tools:

  1. Small groups or 'share groups' are encouraged to form and meet weekly to support the members' quest for spiritual growth, to uphold one another in prayer, and to hold each other accountable on their faith journeys.
  2. A praise and worship service, called a "Gathering," is held monthly; all those who have attended an Emmaus Ministry experience (or equivalent) and their guests are invited to sing, pray, worship, and fellowship with one another.

Who should attend a Face to Face Encounter?

Like the Walk to Emmaus, Face to Face is an ecumenical ministry of The Upper Room, and Christians of all denominations are invited and welcome. Face to Face strengthens and renews followers of Christ and bolsters the spiritual life of individuals, families, and congregations everywhere. Face to Face is open to members of any Christian denomination who want to strengthen their spiritual lives, discover answers to their questions about faith, and are open to understanding the responsibility of living a Christian lifestyle.

How do I register to attend?

A next Face to Face Encounter has not yet been scheduled. Please register to receive notification of upcoming events via our community email notices, or occasionally check the Dates & Forms page for updated information.