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Service (Share Group) Card Replacement

Replacement cards are available at the sign-up tables at the monthly Gatherings.


Nametag Lamination and Replacement

If your original nametag was not laminated, you may request to have your original nametag laminated by giving us your current nametag at the sign-up tables at a Gathering.

If you need a replacement nametag, you may request one at the sign-up tables at a Gathering, or here online.

To request a replacement nametag online, use the link below to send an email request. Please include your name, walk number (if your walk was with the New-Ark Area Emmaus Community), and a reach phone number in your email. Your replacement nametag will be available on the sign-up tables at a subsequent Gathering. Please note that the cost of nametag lamination or a replacement nametag is $.50.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.