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Community (a.k.a. Wall) Agape

If you are an Agape Chairperson for another Emmaus or Chrysalis community, please see the Community Agape page for files you may use as Community Agape from the New-Ark Area Emmaus Community.

Table and Bedtime Agape Do's and Don'ts

Table or Bedtime Agape is a wonderful way to show God's love for the Pilgrims and Team on a Walk weekend. However, there are some things that need to be remembered:

  • DON'T feel that the Table or Bedtime Agape gifts must be expensive or complicated. DO let God and your creativity be your guide (there are lots of ideas on the Internet!).
  • Please DON'T provide Agape (1) that is breakable (no glass, please); (2) that is heavy (generally, items should each be a fraction of an ounce); or (3) that is hazardous (e.g. no matches or lighters, etc.).
  • DO provide enough pieces of Table Agape for both the Team and the Pilgrims plus several extra. For a full walk, this typically means 60 pieces of Agape (a good rule of thumb is the number of Pilgrims plus 30).
  • DO provide enough pieces of Bedtime Agape as follows: if the Agape is for the Pilgrims only, plan on 35 pieces if it is a full Walk (i.e. the number of Pilgrims plus several extra -- there are Team members who sleep in the Pilgrims' rooms who must receive the Agape as well); if the Agape is for everyone (Pilgrims and Team), plan on 60 pieces for a full Walk (i.e. the number of Pilgrims plus 30); if the Agape is for the live-in Team only, plan on 25 pieces (i.e. the number of team members plus a few extra).
  • DO specify if you want your Table or Bedtime Agape to be distributed on a specific night, or at a specific mealtime (write it on the box or bag). Every effort will be made to distribute the Agape when specified; however, we must ensure that there are sufficient Agape items at each meal/bedtime.
  • DON'T specify Table Agape for any Friday mealtimes. The ONLY mealtime Table Agape on Friday is given at dinner, and it always consists of the same items.
  • Please DON'T list the givers' individual names on the Agape. 'Signing' the Agape or otherwise indicating exactly who provided it can make it seem as if you want recognition or thanks. Even listing just the first names of the Agape providers can be a problem, especially if one or more of the names are not common. DO list the Share Group name (e.g. 'Wednesday Morning Bob Evans Group', etc.) or church name, if you wish, or just give the Agape anonymously.
  • DON'T make special Table or Bedtime Agape for ANY individual Pilgrim. Pilgrim Agape must be the same for every Pilgrim and CANNOT be person-specific. The only person-specific Agape a Pilgrim is to receive while on the Walk is their Personal Letter Agape on Sunday afternoon. (Note: Team Bedtime Agape can be anything, and can be person-specific if you choose.)
  • Even if otherwise the Agape items are identical and you are providing them for all Pilgrims, please DON'T put individual recipients' names on the Bedtime Agape: there is limited time to distribute the Agape for Bedtime, and this makes the job much more complicated and time-consuming. Also, if you inadvertently leave one pilgrim name out, the Agape cannot be given to anyone.
  • Please DON'T deliver any Pilgrim or Team Bedtime Agape yourself. All Agape is to be distributed by the Agape Room workers; Community members should not enter the sleeping areas while the Walk is in progress (unless they have reason to as an on-duty Willing Servant).
  • DO pick up any leftover Agape for use on future Walks. It will be in a basket at the next two Gatherings. Any extra Agape not picked up after the second subsequent Gathering will be discarded.

Letter Agape Do's and Don'ts

Letter Agape refers to the notes and letters written to specific Pilgrims or Team members, and includes: Pre-Talk Agape -- letters given to the speakers just prior to their talks; Team Agape -- notes written to all or individual team members to be delivered on specific nights (bedtime) of the Walk; General Agape -- letters written to persons on the weekend by various members of the Emmaus Community; and Personal Letter Agape -- special personal letters written by persons closest to the Pilgrims and gathered by the Pilgrims' sponsors.

Letter Agape is a very personal and important part of the Walk weekend. Please keep in mind the following:

  • As you feel led, DO write letters to the Team members and clergy you know who will be giving talks on the weekend. Write the person's name on the envelope along with the words 'Pre-Talk Agape' in the lower left-hand corner. Place the letter in one of the Agape tubs no later than the day before the talk is to be given.
  • As you feel led, DO write Team Agape letters to the live-in Team members to be delivered for bedtime on specific nights of the Walk. Write the words 'Thursday Night Team Agape', 'Friday Night Team Agape', or 'Saturday Night Team Agape' on the outside; if it is for a specific team member, also write their name on the outside. Place the letters in one of the Agape tubs NO LATER than 7:00 pm of the evening it is to be delivered.
  • Sponsors, DO gather your Pilgrim's special Personal Letter Agape (the 8 to 12 letters collected by you from your Pilgrim's closest family and friends) into a marked zipper-lock bag so that the Agape Room workers can easily identify it as the Personal Letter Agape. This Agape should be delivered to one of the Agape tubs by Thursday evening of the Walk (preferred) or NO LATER than 7:00 pm on Friday.
  • Community members, please DO write individualized Letter Agape to any or all of the Pilgrims as you feel led. All letters and notes to the Pilgrims, other than the 8-12 special Personal Letter Agape, are considered to be General Agape and will be given to the Pilgrims to take home with them at the close of the Walk.
  • Community members, please DO write individualized Letter Agape to any or all of the Team members as you feel led. All letters and notes to Team members, other than ones marked 'Pre-Talk' or a marked as a particular night's 'Team Agape', are considered to be General Agape and will be given to the Team members in their Sunday Letter Agape packets.
  • DO make only Letter Agape for the individual Pilgrims' Letter Agape envelopes. No books or other gifts will be placed in the Pilgrims' Letter Agape packets.