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What is a Share Group?

After a pilgrim has completed his or her Emmaus event, the best way to stay accountable to others and continue to grow closer to God is through participation in a Group Reunion, or 'Share Group.' A Share Group is made up of 2-6 individuals that meet regularly (preferably weekly) to encourage each other to live wholly in the grace of God.

The focus of the Share Group is the Group Reunion card that each person received on the last day of his or her Emmaus experience. Each person shares briefly how they have seen God working in their lives, how they have served God, and where they are falling short. There is accountability as plans are shared for prayer, study and action. Moving through the questions on the card keeps the Share Group focused.

How do I join one?

If you want to join a Share Group, or perhaps start one, the New-Ark Area Emmaus Community has a Share Groups Committee to help you in your endeavor. You may email the committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is also an online 'Share Group Survey' that you may complete indicating the days/times you would be available to meet. The Share Groups Committee will receive your input to the survey, and contact you about finding a Share Group to meet your needs.

Register or Update your Share Group information!

So that our Share Groups Committee can help folks find a Share Group that meets their needs and schedules, they need accurate information about all the Share Groups in the New-Ark Area Emmaus Community. If you have not already done so (or you haven't updated your Share Group information in a while), please complete the online 'Share Group Survey'. THANK YOU!